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Replacing the Particle Filter (Pollen Filter)

The Boxster has an air filter to filter external pollen, etc. from coming in via the ventilation system (a moot point when the top's down, eh?).

Here are two sites with instructions on the project:

Replacing the Particle Filter

Boxster/996 Filter Service

Turning Off the Air Conditioner

To turn the heating/cooling system completely off, simply press the button to lower the fan speed until the unit turns Off.

If the Boxster S Air Conditioner blows warm air within a few days of regassing, then there may be a leak in the system. Apparently the two front radiators are prone to damage, but in mine it was a corroded 10 year old aluminium pipe that was leaking.


Removing the two side air vents is quite simple. Some owners replace their vents with painted ones that match the exterior colors. Painted vents can be purchased on eBay, at some Porsche swap meets and from customization companies such as BumperPlugs. This thread at Renntech explains how to remove the assembly: Ac Side Air Vent Removal, How do I remove the light switch? (registration required to read)

The center vents are part of the center console piece. First remove the left and right switch panels from the horseshoe-shaped console (they snap out) and then remove the console held in place with 6 torx screws. (these instructions need to be expanded)

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