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It's remarkably easy to change brake pads on a Boxster. With the right tools, jacks and stands, anyone can do the job. Excellent instructions are here:

Boxster Project: Brake Pads

Brake Squeal Edit

Sooner or later, all metallic high performance brake pads are going to squeal or squeek, most often during light braking. This can be embarrassing, but there is a cure. Sometimes, braking really hard one or two times will stop it for a while.

A more permanent fix that is very inexpensive is to install the Weltmeister® Anti-Squeal Liners. These are very thin rubber pads with adhesive backing on them. The are applied directly to the metal backing of the brake pad (not the friction side). You must remove all 8 brake pads one at a time, clean up the brake pads, stick on the liner and cut it out to fit the shape of the brake pad. The you re-install the pads. The results are immediate and highly praised. The rubber liner prevents vibrations from going back through the brake pistons onto the brake housing which is what causes the squealing.

Brake liners

As Sold by Performance Products

Which pads to put on? There are several excellent pads reviewed below:

Hawk HPS Pads

Review: Installed HPS pads on all 4 wheels. After break-in, the Hawk pads have delivered noticably better braking than the OEM pads did. They also produce significantly less dust than OEM pads, in dry or rainy conditions (which made a mess of my wheels when using the OEM pads). The one downside is that Hawk's pads do not have a pre-drilled hole to install the wear sensor, so you have to tie off the sensor wire out of the way. Hawk strongly discourages drilling holes in the pads -- I asked one of ther engineers on the phone.

Official site: Hawk Performance Brake Pads

OEM Porsche Pads

Porsche makes an excellent pad for their cars, and is the #1 choice by many.

Mintex Pads

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Official site: Mintex Brake Pads

Pagid Pads

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Official site: Pagid USA

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